As we saw in 2017, this was a damn tough course. Really, nothing has changed. It's likely the toughest 500+ km route that you'll find while still being called gravel grinding or bike packing... both names being used loosely in this case. And we're proud of that. You want a bit more straight forward with shorter distance? Check out our Dumbo Course. Both courses won't take it easy on you. The whole course has been completed in about 63 hours... is that correct Eric?
We'd appreciate it if you shared this with your riding chums. The beauty available for your eyes and other senses along this course is tough to beat. Refuelling is plentiful after the first 175 km or so
Join us on Saturday, July 21st of 2018 to participate in either the Lost Elephant Dumbo 275 km route, or the Lost Elephant Jumbo 507 km route.

These fine organizations believe in us:

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